How It Works

How does your clothing give water access for 25 years to one person for one item sold?

We have partnered with Thirst Relief International, a charity that builds wells and biosand filters throughout Africa, India and South America.  Their operation costs are fully funded by private donors, so all public donations go directly to clean water projects.  We donate a portion of each shirt sold to Thirst Relief in order to fund their clean water projects.  Working with Thirst Relief, we know the cost of building a well and biosand filter and the number of people who have access to them.  Based on those numbers, we donate enough to give water to one person for one item sold.

Where does 25 years come from?

The biosand filters and wells last for 25 years or longer.  

What if I want to give water but not buy anything?

Even if you don’t want to buy our clothing, you can still join the movement to give water when you donate to Thirst Relief International.  Donate on the Thirst Relief website.

More Questions?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section or email us at if we missed something.

Thirst Relief Short from Anton Lorimer on Vimeo.

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